Smart custom solutions for core processes for which is no standard software.

Together we can face immense challenges

Software at the heart.

Core processes are essential for your business operations. But what if the processes at the heart of your organization are so specific that there is no standard solution available? Trivento helps organizations to realize and optimize custom processes. We do this by exploring, designing and committing digital solutions. Together we create a solution that suits your situation so that the result is and remains correct.

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Roy Scheerder Former CDO Transavia

Trivento has made the real difference in Transavia's digital transformation. They start the conversation and do not only think about technology but translate from the perspective of the business interest.

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We translate your business challenge into smart custom solutions.

You have a unique business challenge. We translate this into a suitable solution for your core process. We do this based on dedication, insight into business drivers and technical expertise. To realize your ambition. From digital solutions for strategic processes to more efficient daily development. No challenge is too great for us.

We'd like to get to know you!

Together we can face immense challenges.
We are happy to think along with you.

"The people at Trivento feel as real colleagues. It creates a bond if you can work together based on trust and the belief that together you can make things better."

Lennaert Kuijpers, Managing Director
De Goede Doelen Loterijen

A strong relationship is our foundation for organizational success.

Together we can face immense challenges. For more than 20 years, we have proven that we make a difference for our clients. We naturally build bridges between business, expertise and technology. We do this with great pleasure and this is reflected in the results we achieve with each other and our partners.



You are looking for a party that is big enough to solve your challenge and small enough to be a real partner. We stand for:

  • Long-term perspective, impact in the short term
  • Clear communication, one team is responsible
  • Continuity through short lines
  • Enterprising business partner who thinks along
  • Cost-effective through efficient work
  • Together we go for the best solution

Robbert Kooij Business Development Manager

Robbert Kooij Business Development Manager

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